The Fort

How the idea came to be

During the 2015-2016 school year we started looking into new pieces of playground equipment.  There was a little sticker shock initially, but we got our accounts together and added some PAC budget surplus from previous years and realized we had enough funds to begin to think big.  The idea of a fort somehow came up and with the support of the parent community we are on our way!

What is a Community Build Playground?

The process is one that unifies communities and empowers their members by bringing them together to design, organize, and construct one-of-a-kind playgrounds. What sets these structures apart from commercially available playground equipment is the aesthetically sensitive architecture that respects the essence of the surrounding area and reflects its historical, architectural, and cultural features. What makes them treasured assets in their communities is the sense of pride, ownership, and accomplishment built into them by the hands of volunteers. 

Check out the company who is leading us through this endeavor. 

Play By Design